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D.E. Errick is a manufacturer of aftermarket components for small 2 & 4-cycle engine fuel systems. Our products principally fit hand-held outdoor power equipment applications such as chainsaws, string-trimmers, and leaf blowers.

At D.E. Errick we strive to manufacture our products and source raw materials in the USA.  We own, operate, and maintain a wide variety of high-quality tooling which allows us to consistently maintain a high level of product quality.

 We currently sell all of our products on a wholesale basis and we provide several value-added packaging options to suit the packaging needs of our customers. Custom packaging capabilities include black/white imprinting of customer logos and product information, barcoding, as well as bulk and master packing.

You can browse our product selection using the dropdown boxes on the left or the search field. If you have any questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Some of the questions you may have regarding purchasing our products may be answered in our Terms & Conditions.