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OEM:  Echo

OEM P/N: 90249Y


BRD-280 ES-250 HCS-4020 PB-750H SHC-225S SRM-280
CS-2511T ES-255 PAS-225 PB-750T SHC-260 SRM-280S
CS-271T GT-200i PAS-225SB PB-751H SHC-261 SRM-280T
CS-303T GT-200R PAS-225VP PB-751T SHC-265 SRM-280U
CS-310 GT-225 PAS-225VPB PB-755H SHC-266 SRM-311
CS-330T GT-225i PAS-230 PB-755SH SRM-210 SRM-311S
CS-341 GT-225L PAS-260 PB-755ST SRM-210i SRM-311U
CS-352 GT-225SF PAS-261 PB-755T SRM-210SB SRM-340
CS-370 GT-230 PAS-265 PB-770H SRM-210U SRM-400
CS-370F GT-251E PAS-266 PB-770T SRM-211 SRM-400U
CS-400 HC-150 PAS-280 PE-200 SRM-211i SRM-410U
CS-400F HC-150i PB-200 PE-225 SRM-211SB TC-210
CS-450 HC-151 PB-201 PE-230 SRM-211U TC-210i
CS-450P HC-151i PB-230LN PE-260 SRM-225  
CS-490 HC-152 PB-231LN PE-261 SRM-225i  
CS-500P HC-155 PB-250 PE-265 SRM-225SB  
CS-501P HC-160 PB-250LN PE-265S SRM-225U  
CS-590 TW HC-161 PB-251 PE-266 SRM-230  
CS-600P HC-165 PB-255 PE-266S SRM-230S  
CS-620P HC-180 PB-255LN PE-280 SRM-230U  
CS-620PW HC-181 PB-260L PE-311 SRM-251E  
ES-210 HC-185 PB-261L PPF-210 SRM-260  
ES-211 HC-201 PB-265L PPF-211 SRM-260S  
ES-230 HC-2020 PB-265LN PPF-225 SRM-260SB  
ES-231 HC-225 PB-403H PPF-280 SRM-260U  
ES-250 HC-230 PB-403T PPT-230 SRM-261  
ES-255 HC-231 PB-413H PPT-260 SRM-261S  
GT-200i HC-233 PB-413T PPT-261 SRM-261SB  
GT-200R HC-234 PB-460LN PPT-265 SRM-261T  
GT-225 HC-235 PB-461LN PPT-265H SRM-261U  
GT-225i HC-2420 PB-500H PPT-265S SRM-265  
GT-225L HC-245 PB-500T PPT-266 SRM-265S  
GT-225SF HC-3020 PB-580H PPT-266H SRM-265T  
GT-230 HCA-260 PB-580T PPT-280 SRM-265U  
GT-251E HCA-261 PB-610 SHC-210 SRM-266  
HC-150 HCA-265 PB-620 SHC-211 SRM-266S  
HC-150i HCA-266 PB-620H SHC-212 SRM-266T  
HC-151 HCS-3020 PB-620ST SHC-225 SRM-266U  

Description:  3 Piece Primer Bulb Kit